Service to our community

We are a body of confessional Lutheran Christians committed to serving our community on behalf of Christ's Name;

By bringing to people the love of God in Christ Jesus.

By active pursuit of the lost.

By equipping Christians for service in Christ's Kingdom.

By growing ourselves, our children and each other in God's grace and truth.

By acknowledging with our lives and worship the primacy
of the Triune God in our life.

By total submission to the truth of God in Scripture.

It is the will of God that the church should reach out with the Gospel. Making disciples is the mission of the church. All other tasks and efforts of the church should support and assist in carrying out these tasks.

The Holy Spirit accomplishes this work both within and without the congregation through the Gospel in Word and Sacraments. The ministry of sharing and caring is the privilege and responsibility of all Christians. The Bible is the Word of God and the only infallible authority in matters of faith and life.