Special Prayers

Adding a short special prayer to our daily devotions for a particular topic, issue, or situation of significance is appropriate.  These special prayers will change monthly, so please check back weekly for each week's special prayer.

July 3

Martin Luther College – Lord Jesus, we praise you for giving our church body well-trained called workers through our ministerial education schools. These ministry leaders are a great blessing to us as well as to those who do not yet know you. May Martin Luther College’s goal of reducing the need for student loans and debt make it easier for people to enroll and complete their studies. Lead us to support these recruitment efforts through our prayers, offerings, and encouragement of young men and women toward ministry. Amen.


July 10

Portugal – God our Savior, we thank you for the continued blessings that you have given to the Lutheran Church of Portugal. We treasure our fellowship with them. Although a small church body, you are using them to impact people in Brazil, Europe, Africa, and their own country. We pray that they may have more workers to respond to the many opportunities before them to reach out with the good news of your Son. Help them to grow not only in numbers, but also in their knowledge of your pure Word.  We ask this in the name of the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ. Amen.


July 17

Women’s Ministry Conference – Dear Lord, the WELS Women’s Ministry Conference meets this week. Enrich their fellowship as they spend time with old and new friends. As they work through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, help them to grow in their understanding of what it means to be one in Christ: built on the apostles and prophets, solidly founded on Christ Jesus, our chief cornerstone. Give safe travels to all the participants and bring them back to their individual congregations with a zeal for the body of Christ, knowing that we are Won to be One. Amen.                                                                                    


July 24

Windsor, Colo. mission – Dear Father in heaven, by your gracious Word you have called us out of the darkness of unbelief into the light of faith in Jesus and made us a part of your family. This is not of ourselves, so we can’t boast. We pray that your Word will continue to reach souls and bring them into your kingdom by the Spirit’s power. We pray especially for the outreach efforts in Windsor, Colo., that you would open hearts to the gospel message, give growth to the small group of believers there and, if it is your will, help them to establish a congregation so that more may be brought to your truth. We pray this through Jesus, our Savior. Amen.


July 31

Russia – Dear God, we thank you for the dedicated service of Missionary Luke Wolfgramm who has served the church in Russia for 25 years. Although he was forced to evacuate because of the political situation in Russia, you have not left the Evangelical Lutheran Church Concord on its own. Continue to bless the work of the pastors and church members in Russia. Keep them faithful to your Word and safe from harm. Bless Luke and his wife, Jennifer, in their new home in Albania, and prosper his work with the churches of Eastern Europe. We pray this trusting in Christ who works everything for our good. Amen.

Special Topic Prayers


Keep evil thoughts away
Holy Spirit, keep evil thoughts far from me. Help me not to think, speak, or do evil against the people around me. Help me to be loving and kind toward everyone, that I may follow my Savior’s example. Amen.


Slow the hurried pace
Lord God, in all the busyness of life help me to find time to contemplate the greatness of your power and love. Forgive me when work or play becomes more important than you. Slow the hurried pace of my life so that I may listen to the still, small voice of your Word and be refreshed. Amen.


Grant me relief
Dear Jesus, you suffered great pain when you died for me on the cross. Help me in my pain. Look on me with mercy and grant me relief from these burdens. When the pain is more than I can bear, carry me. I thank you that you are a compassionate Savior who feels my pain as if it were your own. I thank you that you have been touched by my infirmities. Help me in my depression. Revive my spirits. Lead me safely through this dark valley in my life. I commit my body and soul and all my cares into your nail-pierced hands. Be with me and grant me your peace. Amen.


Patience and trust
Heavenly Father, please don’t let any success I enjoyed today fill me with false pride or lead me to forget you. All blessings come to me because of your grace. Strengthen me to bear all disappointments with patience and trust in you alone. Hear me for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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